Live Screen Printing and On-Site Sublimation are creative, entertaining ways to make a lasting and tangible impression on your guests.


Global Experience

Our print team has seen it all at thousands of events across the globe since 2008.


Art & Design

We include the art/design creation as part of our packages for no additional fee.


Quality Staffing

Everyone on our team is both a professional screen printer and brand ambassador.


Live Screen Printing

Live Screen Printing is exactly what it sounds like: we come to your party or event and print on the spot! Guests get to choose a shirt, designs, and the placement of the designs. Then they get to watch as our printers bring their creation to life! 

On-Site Sublimation

Live Sublimation offers your guests exclusive, 100% custom full-color printed items they personally create live via tablets. We've traveled coast to coast to music festivals, pop-up shops, and high-profile events with this great custom activation.