Sublimation Testimonials

We’ve worked with Family Industries twice now and both experiences have been fantastic. The sublimation products are great and the print quality is rich and vibrant. And the team at Family Industries delivers unparalleled service. Their processes are fast and efficient meaning that our events run smoothly. They are friendly, professional and easy to work with. The on-demand sublimation experience is not only fun and unique, but it’s memorable giving our clients excellent return on investment. So much so that we’re actively seeking additional opportunities to get them involved in more consumer activations.
— Amy Williams, GO
Kamp Grizzly and Family Industries have been partnering for years on activations and events of all sizes all over the US. Most recently Kamp called on FAMILY with a series of five events over the course of five weeks in five different cities that included a full custom app build and a handful of other new tech challenges presented by our clients. FAMILY came to the table as they always do with the energy, attitude, and passion to make it happen. Not only did they make it happen, they killed the game and printed over 5000 pieces of apparel in the process. Look forward to many more projects and to keep innovating with the Family team.
— Will Chandler, Kamp Grizzly
Working at an Experiential Marketing company, we are always looking for new, fun ways to create promotional items for guests. Family Industries, has been an amazing partner to us, allowing for unique integrations of both their screen printing and sublimation processes into our experiences. There tech is completely customizable, giving each experience a new and exciting twist and allowing us to fit them in to hundreds of different types of activations. Everyone at Family Industries is happy, hilarious and absolutely wonderful to work with. It is clear that they love their work and will do everything in their power to make sure you feel the same. Do yourself a favor and make sure to integrate Family Industries into your next event!
— Rebecca Springer, NVE
Family Industries is one of our favorite vendors to work with as they can roll with the punches and the (sometimes) hectic nature of our clients. We have only ever gotten great customer service from their team and know whatever questions we have will be answered quickly and completely. We are always excited anytime we have the opportunity to work with them and know that the end product will be awesome!
— Danni Cannon, Pressure Point Creative
I have been working with Family Industries for just about 5 years now, and as our agency, events, and projects have grown, Family Industries has been an amazing partner every step of the way. They’re constantly innovating, wowing us with new technology and techniques to meet the demands of live events. Professional and always on top of their game, Max and Adam are less like vendors to us and more like what their company name implies – family.
— Jessica Harris - PMK-BNC
“I’ve worked with the Family Industries team now for a little over 4 years from a previous agency carrying over to where I am now. Each event we’ve worked with them has been flawless and each team member from their leadership team down to their on-site activation staff has been phenomenal to work alongside. From live printing to sublimation printing, they continue to push the limits of what they’re able to do as each client demand continues to grow. Their adaptability and continued strive to be the best in the business continues to pay off, event after event. I consider them my personal go-to for events and they are so highly recommended.”
— Ida Corporal, Hatch
The Family Industries team is truly second to none. Top to bottom, their professionalism, attention to detail, and ability to deliver make them a tremendous asset to our events. Not to mention they do it all with a great sense of energy and charm that only their cast of talented characters can provide!
— Jeff Alexander, Podium Marketing